Basics Edit

Ace is a demonic shapeshifting being that drifts between universes at will. He is immortal (dies and then recovers). Usually he takes the form of a humanoid dog (border collie) with eyes that glow cyan. Being demonic, he can pass between universes at will but chooses not to after successfully returning to Akintale version of the Underground. He is not native to an Undertale universe and can go beyond that world type, again he chooses to stay. Ace arrived there the first time by being dragged into the world by a machince created by W. D. Gaster. He owns an MV-TAP and an MV-BANK.

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Influence on worlds Edit

As he is not from a 'game' world, his presence in a realm severely restricts the impact script and hacking characters can have on the world. Akintale is entirely immune to this kind of tampering due to a section of his soul being there for so long. He himself is also immune to hacking.

As he is from outside the world, he is completely uneffected by a reset, be it a load, reset or true reset. This means he keeps all memories, EXP, LOVE and injuries from every run. His blood permanently stains anything it makes contact with. The stain continues even after resets. He can see and hear Chara and Frisk aswell as the strings that control Sam (Chara and Frisk are the only others that can see each other).

Due to being an added character, he changes some endings by being there. Here is the complete list of changes that happen to the Sans calls post neutral ending.

Appearance Edit

As a shapeshifter, his form shifts depending on mood or situation. His normal humanoid dog form is actually a midshift between his human and dog form meaning this is the one more likely to drift. He can be any breed of dog and has more monsterous and demonic forms. His eyes cannot change colour nor can his sex or scaring. If a part of him becomes damaged (like his tail for example) he cannot change into a form that lacks that body part until the injury recoveres.

His right eye glows brighter than his left and both are very sensitive to light. Bright lights and colours cause him pain, forcing him to wear sunglasses in hotland, on the surface and in Grillby's (because of Grillby himself). For clothing, Ace wears a 3 piece suit with long leather trench coat and shoes.

Relationship Edit

His family Edit

He rarely if ever talks about is family, be they his birth family or his ex-wife and child. They exiled him from his home. They have all (with the exception of his daughter) forgotten him.

Celest Edit

The connection between him and his daughter is somewhat strained due to both being colder beings. He is one of very few creatures that is shielded against her psychic abilities.

Sans Edit

His relationship with Sans if actually a little complex. He cares about him a lot, as proven by the sacrifice he made for him but this care leads to a conflict of interests in his mind. Sans remembering him is a comfort after everyone else in his life not knowing who he is anymore but he knows those memories are painful. This makes him simultaneously wish Sans had forgotten, grateful for the memories and hate himself for that gratitude.

Papyrus Edit

He is happy that Papyrus grew up into the person he is, seeing him joyful and caring makes Ace feel a little better about himself and the decisions he has made. He feel uncomfortable when Papyrus calls him 'brother' though.

Frisk and Chara Edit

His opinions on Frisk and Chara are mixed. He knows what they are and feels sorry for them being tied to a single body as they are and having died at such a young age. He does not share Frisk's feeling for the FIGHT button nor does he consider MERCY to be the best option in all circumstances. At the same time he will often distance himself from Chara's more chaotic nature. Asking which he preferred of the two would cause him to flip a coin.

The rest of the cast Edit

  • He doesn't like Toriel much, nor does Toriel get on with him in most endings in which she is alive though they do maintain a civil relationship. Her opinion of him is better in TP ending, generally being caring and trying to help his scars heal, something which annoys him.
  • Ace has a neutral attitude to Asgore, he admires his willingness to do what has to be done but dislikes his oblivious nature. His desperation to get back with Toriel annoys most characters, Ace included.
  • He hates Mettaton. Mettaton's betrayal of Napstablook enraged him and his narcissistic nature doesn't help.
  • Undyne reminds Ace of his sister, he prefers not being in her company because of this. He copes with it better when Undyne is wearing more makeup than usual as is sister never wears any.
  • Alphys genuinely creeps Ace out, the idea of writing fanfic of people they know in real life freaks him out. Her writing fanfic of him makes him angry, he destroys whatever it's written on.

Soul Edit

His soul is a midtone blue, halfway between the deep blue of integrity and the cyan of patience, representing loyality. His soul is badly damaged, suffering mulitple cracks and some sections are missing entirely. Different sections of the soul govern different emotions, love, being the centre is entirely missing and the majority of joy is also gone.

Where as some would find this as a catalyst for evil acts (*cough* Flowey *cough*), Ace maintains a cognitive empathy and instead wants to prevent others from becoming as damaged as him. Unfortunatly the damage to his soul means that he isn't great at actually interacting with others and helping them directly nor is his personality great for that task but he will fight for and protect people who can do that job well, like Papyrus. He has pretty much given up hope on recovering himself though.

Role Edit

Unlike Chara and Frisk, Ace is a maintainer. His role is to keep realities existing as to not waste the energy within them. The destruction and creation of worlds waste large amounts of energy which drives forward the end of all existance.

AU specific details Edit

In Akintale every character has their own art style for when they tell a story. The majority of Akintale is in Ace's art style even when he isn't present. It drops out of his style when another character tells a story or when he dies. His art style has a sketch outline and desaturated colours. Glowing items maintain their saturation as do Frisk and Chara who's outlines are coloured rather than black like everyone else. Wingding appears with a red X across his face, covering his eyes (similar to the Xs that appear in a souless pacifist ending) though it only appears when his face is visible.

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Trivia Edit

  • The kingdom that Ace came from, known as the elemental realms, is culturally and linguistically similar to the UK. It's capital, the Citadel where he was born, has a Liverpudlian accent. He has a softened version of this speech pattern.
  • As his Undernet account is deleted after every reset, he changes his username ever time he gets a new account. This tends to cause confusion for the handful of reset remembers, including himself as he forgets what name he's using that run.
  • He knows how to program code for AI but nothing else. He can do very little to Game worlds with this. He did, however, use this ability to create the app on his phone known as Deus. It's an AI that will answer most questions posed to it from a logical standpoint, like Siri or Cortana but more advanced. Ace deliberately chose to not give Deus an emotional simulation, wanting a logical answer to all questions.
  • He has a neutral attitude towards puns, not finding them especially annoying but only really likes ones where clear thought has been put in. Very long strings of puns on a similar theme amuses him.
  • The limelight doesn't suit him. As much as he is a fairly good singer, the idea of preforming in a group or in front of others terrifies him.
  • He is easily embarrassed.
  • As an introvert, long periods of time interacting with others is tiring for him. He often prefers to be alone.
  • Cooking is a skill he acquired through necessity, he finds no pleasure in the act but can cook a decent meal without setting anything on fire. He would prefer those who find it enjoyable to do it but will do it instead of Undyne and Papyrus if that means they don't have to move house. He will never cook if Toriel is available to.
  • Despite not having any actual logical reason to, Ace borderline hates himself, considering himself a failure in almost all aspects. This both causes and is caused by the damage to his soul.

Undertale Edit

Somewhat uniquely for characters with in an UTAU, he has actually played the game.

  • On his first run, he was neutral through the ruins and deliberately killed Toriel because he disliked feeling of being held captive, he was a pacifist after meeting Sans as he realised what world it was. He reset after meeting Sans at the MTT resort because he regretted killing Toriel.
  • His second playthrough was pacifist but he only befriended Papyrus, he killed Flowey at the end of the route so didn't know he could go just keep playing to get the True Pacifist ending by befriending Undyne and Alphys.
  • His 3rd and final run was a True Pacifist run. He never re after that.
  • All other knowledge of what happens in the game comes from Let's plays, the Wiki and fanart/songs. When he found out the Genocide run existed he went to find his version of Sans, wanting to help him if he could.