Fight basics Edit

Ace's body is weak from years of combat and torture, resulting in a negative defence stat. However, the universe struggles with the damage to his soul and interprets the cracks as a glitched hp bar causing his defence stat to be effectively meaningless.

Due to injures sustained a long time ago, he can't really run or move quickly without causing him pain. His weapons are a pair of swords which cut through the fabric reality, cutting through anything and resulting in a instant 1 hit kill.

If fighting a very powerful being who similarly uses one hit kill moves, Ace would revive very quickly. If this continued for an extremely long time, the reality he is in (or ones near by if in a void) would begin to either drain life from living things or convert matter into energy depending on the priorities of the realm. The energy would go into reviving Ace.

He has no control over the process or what energy goes into making it occur. Eventually worlds would become dead and empty around him and his attacker's life force would also be drained into bringing him back to life. This would only not be the case if attacked by another immortal being who revives in the same manner.

Abilities (for quick reference) Edit

SOUL aspects, Edit

  • Immune to hacking/glitching/viruses as he has no built in code.
  • The fractured nature means cables or strings that wrap around his SOUL will pass through the gaps or get cut on the edges.
  • Glows so will damage darkness based characters.
  • Demonic in nature so would begin damaging surrounding SOULs if someone attempts to absorb it.

Immortality, Edit

  • Dies then revives.
  • The more injuries he has, the longer it takes to recover.
  • The severity of each individual injury doesn't matter.

Soul eating, Edit

  • Being demonic, he can eat souls (and SOULs).
  • Once eaten, the person no longer exists in any form and there is no way of reviving them.

Swords, Edit

  • Summoned from his aura so he can't be disarmed.
  • Cuts through and damages anything that exists.
  • Instant kill on anyone who can't survive dismembering.

Blood Hexs (post Geno only), Edit

  • Causes a pattern to appear on the floor around the victim(s) and his scars to light up.
  • Most commonly used is the 'laceration' hex which gives all in the circle every injury Ace has ever obtained all at once.
  • Other hexs he has includes venom, petrify, combust and detonate (the explosion effects outside of the hex ring though so is really dangerous)

Shape shifting, Edit

  • Humanoid dog (shown in image)
  • Large dog (shown in image)
  • Beastial dog
  • Demonic
  • Human

Weaknesses (for quick reference) Edit

Heavily wounded, Edit

  • He can't properly heal on his own so if he is wounded in a non-fatal way, the damage is permanent.
  • His scars sometimes open on their own for no reason so he starts bleeding randomly.
  • Even relatively gentle touchs cause him pain.
  • Can't run without causing intense pain or injury.

Low Defense, Edit

  • He can't carry a lot of weight so tends to have very little to no armour.
  • Can be very easily damaged by most attack.

Attack restrictions, Edit

  • Only ranged attack is the hex which can only effect people on the ground.
  • He can't throw his swords due to them being part of his aura, making them larger would weaken him.
  • Like humans, he can only attack once per turn.

Eyes, Edit

  • Highly sensitive to light, causing him pain without sunglasses on.
  • Highly sensitive to colour, very bright colours also hurt his eyes.
  • Glow so he can see in the dark but means he can also be seen. (His weapons also glow)

PTSD, Edit

  • If there is no one else to defend, Ace can be scared into inaction or into fleeing.
  • Fire is the most likely thing for someone to use in a fight that would cause this reaction.
  • Look in the 'Fear' section for more information.

Optimal strategy Edit

The best way to stop Ace is with patience and chip damage. Using very large numbers of relatively weak attacks means he has a lot of individual injuries to recover from before he is really able to get up again. This takes a long time however and he only needs to hit his attacker once. If they don't have the reset ability, this is near impossible for a mortal. Damaging his body post death will also slow down the revival.

Intent and weaponary Edit

As he isn't an Undertale character, intent doesn't effect the amount of damage he receives, meaning that only some of the items actually harm him at all. The empty gun, toy knife and torn notebook do literally no damage; the ballet shoes, the stick and the tough glove does minor amounts of damage; the burnt pan provides a blunt force trauma if the player has high LOVE, but only minor damage if not; the only weapons that actually hurts him regardless of level are the knives, neither are effected by the LOVE of the player but the real knife does more damage than the worn dagger. Magic attacks hurt him with fire and the Blasters doing more harm than others. He is very sensitve to KR with high LOVE. He tends to panic and run when faced with fire.

The fight with Sam Edit

The fight with Ace is a little different than any other in the game and only occurs during a Genocide run directly after killing Sans. Ace still gains LOVE from killing like anyone else but as he isn't effected by the load, everytime he kills the player it stacks the amount of LOVE. By the end of the first fight with him he will hit the level cap. This means that his reaction to different interactions will change during the fight. At low LOVE he will only attack when the player selects the FIGHT, Fake hit or waits too long. Selecting FIGHT will hurt him before he counters with a kill. At higher LOVE, he will randomly attack after an ACT. He only gets hurt when the player selects FIGHT. He somewhat cheats in his fight, starting the battle between killing Sans and trying to save. This means that everytime Ace kills the player, the must complete the entire Sans fight over again. This is until he recieves a certain amount of damage when he will step in before Sans has the chance to fight.

ACTs and effects Edit

(*Hi! Speech like this is said by Frisk, that's me if that's not obvious)

*Greetings. If in red, it's me, Chara.
ACT Text response Secondry effect (Low LOVE) Secondry effect (High LOVE)
Check: (*Ace - ATK 255 DEF -10) (*His swords cut the world,)
death will be instant.
*He isn't afraid.
None Increases chance on killing after random ACT
*Ace finds your attempt amusing.
None None
Cry: (Low LOVE)

(*His grip tightens.)

(High LOVE)

*His mouth twitches like he was about to smile...
Increases chance that he won't kill after a Fake hit and FIGHT selection None
Approach: (*He remains steadfast) Decreases the time required to attack before the player selects an option. Decreases the time required to attack before the player selects an option.
Fake Hit: NA Ace attacks and kills the PC. Ace attacks and kills the PC.

Fear Edit

Ace has lived a long life compared to mortals but he's barely an adult by immortal standards. This means he has had plenty of time gaining new fears. He has also had a little time to overcome some aswell. When faced with a fear, he will often panic and run or becomes catatonic depending on if there is somewhere to run to. He can be broken out of this state by someone else crying for help. He will face any fear to save anyone who isn't himself, often getting badly hurt in the process.

Pushed past the lock down Edit

When pushed to his limit, he breaches past the lock down into a beastial state where he loses speech and rational thought. He is highly violent in this state and only comes out of it when he feels safe. He becomes very protective of certain others (mainly Sans and Papyrus, potentially Frisk and Chara if he feels they are in danger), not allowing anyone to approach them regardless of their intention. Repeatedly approaching him while in this state if not one of the people he is protective of keeps him in this state, this is also true of beings he is protective of trying to leave. This is not normal for demons nor partical demonic entities. Intense pain can also kick him into this state.

Aftermath Edit

He can be drawn out of this state faster by finding a dark room with a lockable door and for the beings he wants to protect remaining close. If they are calm and relaxed in this space than Ace will begin to calm aswell. After regaining rational thinking, he tends to be tired, physically weak, bleeding and in pain. Some times he will be in so much pain after being in the beastial form that he won't be able to speak and struggles to breath. Often he will panic about who he hurt while in that state, it takes a while for him to recover the memories from the event if he ever does. It isn't uncommon for Ace to never remember what happens. Lack of knowledge makes him anxious.

Fears he has: Edit

  • Fire (cautious around fireplaces but only afraid of out of control flames),
  • Drowning,
  • Bleach and acids,
  • Whips (specifically the cat o' nine tails),
  • Being forgotten and abandoned,

Fears he has over come: Edit

Threats with these won't stop him nor will he panic when faced with them.

  • Knives,
  • Guns,
  • High powered weaponary and explosives,
  • Being restrained,
  • Violent beings.