Basics Edit

As stated by Sans in 'First Judgement', Asgore is a kind hearted being that reacts without thinking when angry, declaring war for very little reason. The guilt he feels for his actions weigh heavily on his mind now more than ever due to Sans being more frequently seen in the same area of the underground as him. This guilt is what cause him to kill himself in neutral runs in which Flowey nor the player will do so.

Abilities Edit

Load remembering, Asgore remembers the events of previous save file loads but not resets.

Trident, he maintains his red trident from Undertale in this AU.

Fire, his mastery over flames is also kept.

Red magic, changes SOULs of other colours to that of determination, allowing those with other SOUL colours (blue, green, purple etc.) to move in the same manner the standard SOUL in Undertale does.