Basics Edit

Chara in Akintale has a similar role to classic Narrator Chara and acts as a guide to the human. They provide the player with the FIGHT option. They are a demonic creature who exists to provide the human with the ability to kill so they can actively choose MERCY. Without this active choice, Frisk would not gain power from selecting the mercy option and hence the true pacifist ending would never occur as they wouldn't survive Asriel's rainbow attack.

Chara does not enjoy seeing their friends and family killed which is why they murder the human and severs the player's connection with the world (destroying it in the process) at the end of a genocide run. They undo this action in exchange for a soul so they have to power to reset, bringing their world and family back to life. This reset removes Chara's corporeal state and power gained during the run but ties them permanently to the soul. While corporeal, Chara is female but refers to herself as an 'it' due to disdain for the genocide that gave them a body.

Chara could, in theory, leave the reality and travel to another AU but has never even thought to.

Relations Edit

Despite seeming like total opposites, Frisk and Chara get on rather well and consider each other friends, if a little annoyed by one another at times.

Chara considers Sans an ally after a genocide run. Chara is, however, the one that kills Sans at the end of the battle because she realises that he is suffering.

They have affection for Asriel but not for Flowey. Flowey genuinely thinks Chara wants to destroy the world but they can't actually communicate directly so correcting him is near impossible.

Papyrus's facade makes his difficult to trust from Chara's perspective. They understand why he has the front but dislikes it. They remember Papyrus from when they were alive, during which she enjoyed his presence.

Ace is an unusual case as they have little knowledge of him. Currently Chara believes they are immune to Ace's attack and thinks they can't be killed or harmed. The moment they realise they are wrong, they will be afraid of him.

They have a neutral reaction to most of the cast members.

Appearance Edit

Chara absorbs dust from dying monsters and uses this to increase their own power. If the dust of the main cast is absorbed Chara's form changes.

Neutral path way changes: Edit

Number killed Form change
0 translucent human child
1 gains leather wings
2 gains ram horns
3 gain a tail
4 mouth changes to a mostly sealed form
5 fingers become long and claw like
Cast member
Toriel eyes change from brown to red
Papyrus gains his cape
Undyne hair is tied back into ponytail
Mettaton gains his boots
Asgore hair changes from brown to gold
Flowey eyes rotate

Genocide route changes: Edit

Their body changes between normal to a dark blue over the course of the run, colour change ends after killing Sans.

Genocide run kills Changes that occur
Toriel gains wings
Papyrus gains horns
Undyne the undying gains tail and body shape changes
Mettaton NEO mouth change
Sans total body shift + left hand becomes knife
Asgore form becomes unsustainable
Flowey becomes corporeal, mostly human looking