Basics Edit

Princess Fera is the 'air dragon'. The dragons are required to maintain certain aspects of existence. In her case, it's the wind and certain gaseous elements. She tends to stay in her human form. Her prefered weapons are battle fans.

Personality Edit

She was not born into her royal linage as Sypin became King after she was born. As such she struggles to fill the role of a princess. Fera exists in a state of emotional extremes, with her main state being frustration and rage. When in the peak of any emotion, she struggles to work out which emotion she is actually feeling meaning she may at as though she is angry when actually depressed or scared when actually joyful. She tends to resort to violence though Mecco can calm her down.

Appearance Edit

She has 2 forms, her dragon and human shape.

Human Edit

Her human form tends to wear light armour with a scale like effect. While tight to most of her body, she can hide her fans up her sleeves and clip them to harnesses on her forearms. She has long hair that's a deep red in colour, usually left loose.

Dragon Edit

Her dragon form is a large red chinese dragon with wing-like fins spreading from her arms.

Abilities Edit

Air dragon Edit

Fera has complete mastery of all gaseous elements, meaning she can drain all oxygen from a particular area, sophicating those in that area. This also allows her to so use the wind to push and damage people.

Armed Edit

Her battle fans are bladed though are mainly used to disarm others (does not work on Ace's blades).

Physical strength Edit

She is physically the strongest of the Citadelian cast.

Relatives Edit

Sypin Edit

Father. Fera is a daddy's girl and is called 'sweet heart' by her dad.

Diana Edit

Mother and death incarnate. Their relationship is far from close.

Mecco Edit

Husband and balancer. Mecco's calm demeaner allows him to settle her emotional state.

Ace Edit

Forgotten half-brother. Fera was always highly suspicious Blu so turned on him quickly when she heard rumours of him planning to betray the royals. The rumours were later discovered to be unfounded though she maintained belief of his betrayal.

Ariel Edit

Daughter. Ariel and Fera are too similar for either to be happy with long term interactions though neither holds hatred for the other.

Akira Edit

Son. Akira is a balance between Mecco and Fera. When he and Fera interact it becomes a feedback loop of chaotic enthusiasm.