Basics Edit

Frisk is the angel to Chara's demon and gives the player the MERCY option. The human in Akintale is Sam not Frisk. Sparing monsters gives Frisk power and changes their form if a member of the main cast, befriending them also causes this change. Frisk originally died before Chara and fell into the underground before monsters were sealed there. They wish that Chara didn't give the player the option to fight, prefering that True pacifist ending never happened if it would prevent murders. Despite this, the two beings get on rather well and have a playful attitude towards each other. During the TP ending, Frisk is powerful enough to sheild the soul from Asriel's rainbow attack and is the being that 'refuses', not the human. They take complete control over the human after this ending IF a genocide doesn't occur prior. They share the body during a souless pacifist ending with one being in control and the other acting the same as they did before the ending. Being angelic, Frisk if not tied to the reality, they could leave whenever they want but doesn't realise that.

Relations Edit

Frisk's favourite is Papyrus. When Sam dies at the end of the run, they tend to spend most of their time hanging around Papyrus if he is alive.

They were a fan of Sans until the fake out spare in the genocide run. Now they are a little annoyed.

Nervous of Ace, Frisk isn't used to a half-way creature that can both see them and interact with the rest of the world. Unlike Chara, they sense that Ace could hurt them.

They probably know Chara better than anyone else.

Frisk likes Toriel and Asgore but doesn't consider them a good match for eachother. Normally they like playing the shipping game but not in here.

They aren't very fond of Mettaton, his betrayal of Napstablook means Frisk doesn't like him very much but they don't hate them really.

Frisk is very glad Alphys and Undyne gets together.

*Ship it like FedEx!

(*Shut up Chara!)


Appearance Edit

At the start of the adventure, Frisk appears as a translucent human child wearing an orange onesie with 3 red stripes and a golden flower wreath on their head. The arms on the onsie is overly long, hiding their hands. They have green eyes that lack puplis but can see regardless.

Frisk's neutral route changes Edit

Spare count Changes
0 translucent human child
1 gains feather wings
2 gains a halo
3 skin colour shifts from yellow to pale blue
4 clothes colour shifts from orange to white
5 clothes changes from onesie to robe

Befriending Papyrus on a neutral route removes their wreath.

Pacifist route changes Edit

Cast character Changes
Toriel gains feather wings
Papyrus (spare) gain a halo
Papyrus (befriend) loses their mouth
Undyne (spare) skin colour changes from yellow to powder blue
Undyne (befriend) becomes faceless and hair changes from brown to gold
Mettaton clothes colour shifts from orange to white
befriending Alphys loses their legs and clothes become a robe
True lab becomes ethereal
Asriel takes control of sam

Killing after befriending Undyne causes Frisk to regain their eyes.