In Akintale, Gasters are a species of monster that are visually the same as skeletons. The only connection to W.D. Gaster here is that he is one.

The original 8 Edit

The 8 original Gasters were created by an ancestor of Asgore, Pegaarm, and were each named after a type of font (rather than a font themselves) and given a colour. Like Boss Monsters, Gasters only age when they have children to replace them. Not every attempt was successful, Gasters that were deemed failures were dusted when a working one replaced them, these were the 8 that outlived their creator.

Female Male
Roman Blackletter
Script Calligraphy
Display Typewriter
Mimicry Dingbat

In age order: Edit

Roman (Yellow) Edit

"Your judgement looms."

The oldest, respected by the other Gasters but seen as a prototype by outsiders. She is focused on her task. Any being that doesn't distinctly fall into another Gaster's role is judged by Roman. Nicknamed Ro.

Blackletter (Green) Edit

"Don't be afraid, death knocks at all our doors eventually."

The second oldest and the oldest male. A kindhearted Gaster loved by outsiders but seen as too soft to get the job done by the rest of the group. He prefers a fatherly role rather than the judgemental one, he mostly judges those who are afraid of the meer concept of death or show more fear towards dying than most. Nicknamed Blake.

Script (Cyan) Edit

"Come, sit and we'll talk about what is to come."

The first of the twins, Script patiently awaits for monsters to come to her for their judgement. She spends most of her time painting elaborate murals to the beings that come to her for judgment. Living in peaceful lands surrounded by life and beauty, those she judge find her by accident. Nicknamed Scry.

Calligraphy (Red) Edit

"Run if you want, it changes nothing!"

The second twin hunts down those who run from their judgement. His determination makes him the best Gaster at taking down villianous monsters. He never stops and free time to him as an unknown concept. He choses his words carefully and is very deliberate. Nicknamed Cal.

Typewriter (Blue) Edit

"Enjoy what little you have left rather than waste time praying for more..."

Typewriter focuses mainly on beings that are very young and haven't had the chance to accomplish much in their life. The judging of children, infants and babies is the most depressing role a Gaster can have. He writes fictional stories about the children he meets based on the potential they had so they don't go forgotten. These stories are gifted to the family with a promise that in another world, they come true. He makes an effort to look warm and comforting. Nicknamed Ty.

Display (purple) Edit

"It's a shame really, not your impending death but your refusal to accept it."

She judges teenagers mostly. It is a little easier emotionally that Typewriter's job but more difficult in terms of the actual task as teenagers are at the point where they have the widest spread of potential. She will often resort to using indirect methods to judge people like letters, graffiti on walls and light shows. She will continue to do this until they give and agree to meet her. Nicknamed Des.

Dingbat (orange) Edit

"Are you sure you wouldn't prefer to catch your breath?"

As a being of bravery, he judges the courageous. He tends to sit in hard to reach places so warriors have a challenge to face before receiving their fate. He practices magic and trains in his spare time as some of the warriors are hostile to their impending death and believe defeating/killing him will save them. As much as he speaks in a Dingbat font, his magic writes out translations so people can understand him. Nicknamed Bat.

Mimicry (white) Edit

"Let's see if you've done enough to change your fate..."

The Gaster of change judges those who have tried to redeem themselves somehow or beings that fell from grace. This means they sometimes share a judgment with Cal. Mimicry has something like a split personality. Both personalities are aware of what happens regardless if they are in control or not. These two personalities are known as Mimi and Cry.

  • Mimi is in control when judging a Redemption. She dedicated to her job but is easily distracted. She is however very fast, both physically and mentally meaning she will work he way back round to the topic at hand regardless of how side tracked she gets.
  • Cry judges the Fallen and is more reserved. She tends to walk rather than run and brings her prey to her rather than chase it. She is calm and serious. Despite her name, she is never seen crying.
  • Despite Dingbat and Mimicry being the same age, Mimi is treated as the youngest but Cry is treated as though they are older than Bat.
  • They willing share everything (including their font and husband) and never fight to the point where people question if they actually are two different beings or not.

Relationships Edit

Even though they were created by the same people and some times at the exact same time, they share no EDC (Enchanted Dust Code, monster version of DNA) other than that required to make them genetically compatible to preduce offspring.

Scry and Cal are considered twins even though they aren't any more related than the other Gasters because they were created at the same time.

Mimicry and Bat are also considered twins for the same reason.

Ro and B are treated as siblings by the other Gasters but they don't threat eachother as such. Their creator intended for them to be a couple.

Des was originally created to replace Ty as his left eye never worked. Ro then pointed out that seeing the sins of newborns was somewhat pointless and Ty was spared and allowed to continue his work as a Gaster.

The 2nd Generation Edit

Script (French Script) + Blackletter (SW Gothe) = Freestyle script(f), Cardinal(m), Cloister Black(m), Segeo script(f)

Roman (Times new roman) + Typewriter (hammer keys) = Fragment Core(f), Bookman Old Style(m)

Mimicry (FakeHieroglyphics) + Calligraphy (the king and queen) = Porcelain(f), Chinese calligraphy(f), Hurricane(m)

Display (Liquid Crystal) + Dingbat (SW Astro) = Hacked CRT(m), Arcade Interlaced(f), AR Hermann(m),

As the roles of the Gasters' children overlap with one another, the oldest gets the role. Others become backup Gasters for when/if the oldest can't do the job.

The 3rd Generation Edit

Freestyle script + Bookman Old Style = Arial(f), Helvetica(f), Calibri(m), Futura(f)

Segeo script + Hacked CRT = ?

Fragment Core + Hurricane = ?

Porcelain + Cardinal = ?

Chinese calligraphy + AR Hermann = Wingdings

Arcade Interlaced + Cloister Black = ?

Freestyle, Futura & Wingding were the only ones to survive the war.

Futura + Wingding = Comic Sans & Papyrus

At this point, all roles have condensed down into Sans.