0. The very first human to fall was Frisk Boon who fell before the humans sealed monsters under Mt. Ebott. The exact date he fell is unknown but he did die in the fall.

  1. The second to fall was Chara Blight who is called the first as she fell while monsters were there to record the fall. She was hurt by the fall but not killed. She fell in 201X. She died from eating toxic buttercups and then again to the human assault.
  2. Sahana Dhriti fell in 208X, 70 years after Chara fell, died in the Underground and returned in Asriel's body. They were hurt by the fall but didn't die. Killed by Asgore's orange swipe. (Indian name)
  3. The 4th to fall was Brendon Rian. 213X was when he fell. He too was injured by the fall. After Brendon's death, Toriel left Asgore and took Chara's body with her. Killed by Asgore's cyan swipe. (Gaelic name)
  4. Honoria Olethia fell next. She fell in 218X. The flower patch in the first room in now present, Honora didn't get hurt. (The flower patch is Chara's grave) Killed by Asgore's fire. (Latin-American name)
  5. In 223X, Bruce Fearbhirigh fell. He wasn't hurt by the fall. Killed by Asgore's fire. (Scottish name)
  6. The kind being, Sasha Aloysha fell in 228X. They were unharmed by the fall. Killed by Asgore's fire. (Russian name)
  7. Masato Teijo fell in 233X. He landed on his feet. Killed by a stab through the chest by Asgore's trident.(Japanese name)
  8. And finally Sam Pawn fell in 241X.