Personality Edit

Quiet and reserved, Mecco is near the total opposite of his wife Fera. He acts as a balancing point for her and settles her emotional distress. The dragon struggles to act in a spontaneous manner, usually planning everything to the smallest detail, a factor that annoys his wife who is usually a chaotic being. Generally nuturing, Mecco encourages calm confidence in those around him.

Appearance Edit

Human-like Edit

Mecco works hard to maintain his strength and appearance, mostly maintaining his body by wearing heavy metal armour everywhere he goes. His blood is made of mercury rather than iron which causes his skin to have a grey tinge and to glisten slightly in sunlight. Mecco's hair is ginger. His iris is usually liquid though solidifies when tired and stressful. His armour his quite tight to his body with a dragon-like helmet. His left eye has been replaced with a camera after having his head beaten with a baseball bat.

Dragon Edit

His other form is a large metallic wyvern. While too heavy to fly, he can glide and climb things easily. He lacks his left eye in this form.

Mercury Edit

He has a form made of pure mercury which he controls with he metal control. He can still hear in this form but it's unknown whether or not he can see. Fera carries him in a flask while in this form to sneak him into some locations.

Abilites Edit

Metal mastery, Mecco has complete control over all metals including the iron found in blood and copper found in the brain. He can also use this ability to manipulate his armour into a motorcycle.

Immortality, his immortality is a total revival but requires more time. He heals from all injuries but death for him usually results in severe memory loss. Of the Citadelians, Mecco is the one who the others try to keep alive the most.

Other Edit

  • His mercury blood means he is too dense to float or swim so he sinks in water immediately.
  • He speaks English and Welsh and understands spoken Japanese though can't speak it himself.