I believe everyone can be a good person if they just try... But I don't think you want to try. -Akin!Papyrus's disbelief equivalent dialogue

Basics Edit

The Akintale version of Papyrus hides his true self behind the facade of the Papyrus seen in the game. He is not that different from the front he puts forward, just calmer and more aware of the world and how it works. It's honestly just an emphasis of how he really is. He is just as confident as his fake version, he would need to be inorder to say the things he does.

Everything said by Papyrus to the player when he is either alone or with his brother is scripted prior to the interaction. This is not true for when he is with Undyne, she doesn't know about the facade and hence can't be present for the scripting process. He tries to write things in advance that he can use with Undyne but often she is too unpredictable. This is why he appears more intelligent than normal when it is just him and Undyne in a room as he is being more genuine.

Appearance Edit

At the start of Akintale, Papyrus looks the same as classic and wears the same outfits. After a Genocide run (YET TO OCCUR IN SERIES), Papyrus's battle body and Cool dude outfits get damaged in an event which gives him and Sans facial markings surrounding one of their eyes.

These markings are known as Starbursts and glow when using their magic. The colour of the glow matches the magic used, it becomes brighter the more emotionaly distressed they are. Papyrus gets a rounder marking than his brother and his surrounds his right eye.

His new outfit consists of a long white cloak with a red inner lining and a symbol similar to the delta rune on the back. The cloak is held together with a golden pin and has a hood. His boots and gloves also gain a redesign. His underclothing changes every run.

Abilities Edit

Short version Edit

  • Blue magic on SOULs.
  • Flight.
  • Bone summon.
  • Gaster shields.
  • Bone sword that bypasses defense.
  • Immunity to mindcontrol and possession.
  • Magic focus

Explained version Edit

Akin!Papyrus can use his blue magic to fly. This is how he uses the overly tall sink. His magic is very controlled meaning he can slow his descent and even stop it entirely. Sans's magic, however is more intense and difficult to control. As much as he COULD use his magic to fly like Papyrus, he rarely does if ever.

Papyrus cannot summon working Blasters, he may be a Gaster but lacks the experience required to fire the weapons. Instead he uses them as a shield and can deflect the beams of other Blasters without them getting damaged.

If he did become the last man standing on a genocide run he would be able to summon a sword which would bypass the player's DEF stat. Combined with the Gaster Blaster Shield which would block the human's attack, he would be a suitable challenge at the end of that run.

All Akintale Gasters are immune to mindcontrol and possession.

Can focus the magic of others so they are more powerful if he keeps in physical contact with them, over doubling their damage output. He's extra effective on his brother, to over triple that of his normal abilities.

Relations Edit

He is unaware of what his father did to Sans and what happened to Wingding. He has very little knowledge of his people.

Papyrus loves his brother deeply, he hates seeing him in any kind of pain. He asks Sans to tell him the truth of their past but understands that it would likely be painful for him to tell it. Despite this, he does prefer hearing it from his brother than from Ace. Papyrus is easily distracted from his own thoughts which Sans uses inorder to avoid topics he would rather not talk about.

He does not remember Ace from the first time he was there but trusts Sans's judgement so trusts Ace aswell. When he discovers why his brother trusts him, he considers Ace a brother.

As much as he enjoys Undyne's company he can't fully trust her as Sans doesn't. He tries to keep the facade up around her but she is often too unpredictable to maintain it fully.

He is aware that a portion of Snowdin finds his antics annoying but he is also aware that if he didn't do them, they would slip into the apathy that comes with monotony. He delibratly does different strange things everyday so the residence always have something new to react to.

Role Edit

Papyrus is the backup judge existing to replace Sans were he to no longer be able to complete the task. Sans's right eye not working means that Papyrus's is active. He sees the potential good that could be done by everyone he sees. The rest of the underground considers Papyrus's role to be the one who gets Sans to not kill whoever he feels like (though Sans is not actually that trigger happy). This ability to see the good in people is why he is capable of believeing in you even on a genocide run. As much of an advantage this ability has, it does leave him unfocused around beings with very long lives, beings with a lot of options and large numbers of people as it gives him a lot to see. Sins are neatly structured in chronological order but branching poteintal results in a clutered view of the world. This ability dies with Papyrus. If Sans were to die or his left eye is damaged so he couldn't pass judgement, Papyrus becomes the active judge.

AU specific details Edit

Like all Akintale cast members, Papyrus has his own art style. His is a paper and pencil drawing, which stands out quite a lot compared to the rest of the cast's digital art. Papyrus is currently the only cast members to not have colour as a factor.

Trivia Edit

  • During his teenage years, Papyrus wrote terrible poetry that his brother has been embarrassing him with for over 400 years. If he could destroy it, he would, but has no idea where Sans has hidden them.
  • The broach that holds his cloak pinned around his neck previously belonged to one of the original 8 Gasters. It has a quick release catch so the cloak will come off instead of restricting his movement or hurting him if it catches some something.