Comic Sans Gaster is akin character

LV and reactions Edit

He will attack beings of LV 19 or higher on sight. He will not hesitate nor allow them to give an explanation. Often he will strike before the other being is even aware of his presence. This is not due to fear, punishing these beings is the very reason his entire species lives.

The only exceptions are when he has made a promise to not kill someone (in which case he would give them an ultimatum, but he will still kill them regardless) or when their sin list consists of 'Justified' actions (like in Ace's case).

Those with LV of double digits that is lower than 19 is treated with caution. He will be ready to dodge and counter at all times. Everyone with single digit LV he will be slightly more relaxed around, being only ready to dodge but not retaliate.

Post his burst, his marking will begin to burn if he doesn't attack a being that has a LOVE of 19 or higher that wasn't caused by 'justifed actions'. The burning will steadily become more painful over time. Eventually, this burning will blind him. Nothing can prevent this but his sight will return if the high LV entity is killed. This process takes 5 days between initial meeting and blindness. Being removed from their presence does not cure it.

Resets Edit

Akin!Comic Sans Gaster does not have a full cognitive memory of each reset at the start of Akintale. He gets a feeling of deja vu whenever something is repeated and usually uses the reactions of Sam to guess at what is really going on. He is equally effected by loads and resets. Occasionally he gets nightmares showing him things that have occurred prior to the true resets that happen at the end of a full genocide or true pacifist route. Post Bursting, he (and Papyrus) fully remember all resets.

Appearance Edit

At the start of Akintale, Sans looks like classic (though may be thinner depending on whether or not you make him chubby) and wears the same clothing. Post a genocide run (YET TO OCCUR IN SERIES), Sans gains a spiked facial marking around his left eye in an event which destorys both his and Papyrus's clothing (also a large section of their home). Sans's new clothing consists of a dark blue, fuzzy bed jacket with a hood, pyjama bottoms, shoes and a damaged black leather jacket. After every run, a new patch is added to the jacket to keep track of what the player has done. Each ending has a different type of patch. The back of the jacket has a symbol similar to the delta rune crest seen on Toriel's clothing. It isn't identical to the rune itself. (The rune is 'The Gaster Mark'.)

Role Edit

He acts as a Judge, passing judgment on beings shortly before their deaths. He determines how the monster will be remembered after their death.

His left eye sees the sins they have commited. His right eye would see the potential good they could do in the future if it worked.

His personality somewhat clashes with this role. He enjoys making fun of himself and his brother to help spread a little happiness in the underground and make people less uncomfortable in his presence. This joyful exeterior dissolves quickly when alone and after Papyrus's death. He has not fully given up hope until the end of the genocide run at which point he no longer cares.

The fight with the Genocidal human is not a true fight, he has no intention of 'winning', he simply does it to annoy the player.

Relations Edit

  • Obviously he loves and is very protective of his Papyrus. This would not extend to other versions of his brother. The less like his they look, the less he would care about them and their welfare. He would kill a fell or swapfell version.
  • Sans does not trust Undyne, encouraging Papyrus to keep up his facade around her.
  • He despises his father. His hatred is so great that he reacts violently to being called by his first name because Wingding would call him by it. He also hates Ace being called 'dog' for the same reason.
  • His heritage is here.
  • Alphys trusts Sans but the feeling is not mutual. He bares no ill will towards her but they aren't close. He is the only other person who is aware of the amalgamations in the True lab and doesn't blame Alphys for their creation.
  • He knows Ace fairly well and trusts him more than anyone else due to their history.
  • Most monsters are terrified of Sans due to his role (including Asgore). Him passing judgement just before someone dies, he was associated with death so breaking down people's discomfort is very important. He mainly does this so people aren't frightened of Papyrus. Many try to not show that they are scared around Sans because they know he doesn't enjoy being feared.


Akin!Sans's abilities generally match classic Sans's abilities but some things are specified.

  • Blue magic only affects souls, it cannot be used to move items around. This is also true for Papyrus. He can also only throw things with his magic, not carefully manipulate them, unlike Papyrus. This is why he tends not to fly.
  • Akintale Gasters are immune to mind control and possession due to the way they were created.
  • He can teleport (or shortcut/world fold as it is referred to in the series) which is represented by him stepping around the lines between panels. Some places are beyond his ability to teleport to (the surface when the barrier is in place and the ruins mainly. This is because of the magic that protects the place).
  • He has access to KR, the bone attacks (both white and cyan), time freezing and the blasters like normal.
  • His Blasters are not sentient. Their 'eyes' are just targeting systems used to properly line up his shot. The blast itself is an extremely concentrated light beam, highly effective against darkness based creatures. Post-burst, these beams scorch physical surfaces and may burn through them if the beam is held for long enough. Flammable items will catch fire almost immediately. The hole is clean and perfectly round.
  • Sans has a part of Ace's soul embedded in his own.
    • This gives him access to a shadow form (which classic may or may not have access to depending on how this works) which should actually be Ace's ability.
    • It protects his code, making him immune to hacking, viruses and glitching.
    • The section causes strings and cables to slip off, sometimes burning the string itself.
    • He has a boosted healing ability. Most monsters can only heal souls whereas Sans's magic heals the body (not that this helps him as he only has 1HP but is useful for helping others).
    • When in the same universe, Ace and Sans sort of feel each other's pain, not to the point of it being genuinely painful for them but them just being aware of it.

AU specific details Edit

Sans's art style is minimalist, only things relevant in that moment are present and characters are represented as silhouettes in their soul colour. Every character's name, level and sins are listed beside them.

Trivia Edit

  • Sans's jacket is a reference to Dave Lister's from Red Dwarf.
  • His pupils do not change shape, only size; so he can't 'star eyes'.
  • The light up iris in his left eye can be multiple different colours.
  • The facial markings surrounding Sans's eye is known as a Starburst (and is where he gets his multiverse alias) and occurs when they reach the limits of what their magic can do. After bursting, the Gaster is considerably stronger though they now struggle to tell if they are growing tired or not.