Basics Edit

Santo is a shadow demon and Ace's father. He's a surgeon by profession and created Ace through genetic experimentation. As the Citadel's chief medical officer and the doctor of the Royal family, Santo has access to all medical records which initally made him suspicous of Blu (Ace) as those records were redacted. Santo is a metallic creature with steel being his metal. Because of this, he is magnet and people can (and do) stick fridge magnets to him for amusement.

Personality Edit

Santo is cold and logical for the most part though turns warmer when family is involved. He delibrately distances himself from people so he can act properly when he needs to.

Appearance Edit

His teeth, bones and iris always maintain its steel nature regardless of form.

Demon Edit

His demonic form is large and very masculine. His eyes have no pupils or iris and are made of steel as are his teeth, horns and claws. His horns are slightly curved downwards, mostly staying parallel to his spine. He has wings made of steel feathers that are more used as shields than as items for flight though they can still be used for gliding. Santo's skin is a very dark blue and has no tail.

Human Edit

Santo's human form has very pale skin and long light brown hair that's mostly tied back. In contrast to his demonic form, his human one is rather thin and more feminine in build. He tends to wear a white shirt, black trousers and waistcoat.

Animal Edit

His animalistic forms take coyote as it's base. Like the other shape shifters, he can sit in a midshift form between human and coyote.

Abilities Edit

Shape shifting Edit

Between human, coyote and demon.

Demonic related things Edit

Being fully demonic in nature, Santo is stronger and more resilient than most beings. He can take a little more damage than most. This also allows him to travel between different universes and consume souls.