Basics Edit

Sypin is the true king of The Citadel and is the one that the kingdom responds to. He is a shapeshifter, though he tends to stay in his human form he also has a black nine-tailed fox and phoenix forms. Like Ace, he can hold midshift positions to be a humanoid fox. His mother was an angel.

Personality Edit

Sypin shares his body with 2 other beings, (Tan and Evil). Of the three souls, Sypin is by far the strongest and is the balance point between others though exhaustion can cause the others to take other the body temporarily. Neither Tan nor Evil have access to the majority of Sypin's abilites as they are tied to his soul and not his body. He suffers from bipolar disorder, otherwise known as manic depression, but the condition is fairly well managed now.

He is nuturing and loving his family and friends, holding loyalty as the most important trait. Those who betray him aren't forgiven. He is protective of his people but does not shy away from using strength and fear to obtain and maintain order with in his kingdom.

Abilites Edit

Shape shifting Edit

Shape shifting between phoenix, nine-tailed fox and human forms.

Hell fire Edit

Sypin has 2 different forms of hell-fire, one being black which converts light to heat and the other being white, converting heat to light. When used in balance, the two flames power eachother leaving Sypin to prevent the flames from going out of control.

Aura sensitive Edit

Sypin is highly sensitive to the auras of others, allowing his to detect when someone is lying, along with the other emotional differences.

Phoenix revival Edit

Using either the heat and light from either the sun or a flame, Sypin can instantly revive from anything without maintaining any injury.

Trickster Edit

Sypin is convincing actor and voice actor. He often takes on personas (sometimes female) to trick people either for his own amusement or information. This has no magical bases so can be seen through by all magical insights.

Relatives Edit

With all of the Citadelian cast, this could get a little complex so I will attempt to simplify where I can.

Angero Edit

Sypin's older half-brother. Refered to as an Anvil due to being an Angel/Devil crossbreed. A normal sibling relationship for the most part.

Santo Edit

Sypin's husband and the other king of the citadel. He is also Ace's other father. Nicknamed 'Sugar' by Sypin, and calls Sypin 'Petal' in return.

Diana Edit

Literal death incarnate, Sypin's ex and Fera's mother. Extremely dangerous.

Fera Edit

Sypin's daughter. The only good thing to come out of his previous relationship.

Ace Edit

Forgotten. Known as Blu by the Citadelians, Sypin doesn't remember that Ace is his son and believes him to be Akira's valet and captian of The Guard before being exiled. Very protective of Ace prior to being forgotten. The source of love and comfort for Ace when he was a kid.