This page contains a list of specific terminology used in Akintale.

Reset related Edit

Load Edit

Quitting from the game without saving/dying and loading from a previous save. It's usually very short term and easy to trigger by anyone as they only need to kill Sam inorder to do so.

Reset Edit

Wiping the save file and starting again from the start of the adventure but leaving the characters with their deja vu. It can only be triggered by the player. This is the only way to undo events once the run has ended.

True Reset Edit

The resets that occur after a True Pacifist and full Genocide run. Removes deja vu.

Character Edit

Gaster Edit

A skeleton-like monster created to act as moral reinforcement for monsters

Demon Edit

Demonic beings are usually chaotic and encourage people to question the rules they follow and why they exist. Lawful demons often become maintainers.

Angel Edit

Angels are creatures of order, they force others to follow rules. Chaotic angels often become maintainers.

Maintainers Edit

Beings that travel the multiverse to prevent the destruction of universes and the creation of new ones.

Ageless Edit

Characters that do not age. All Citadelian, Boss monster and Gaster characters are ageless. Chara and Frisk are ageless but Sam is not.

Immortal Edit

Beings that die and comeback to life without resets. All Citadelians and Chara and Frisk are immortal.

Misc Edit

Aura Edit

An energy field emitted by living things which change colour and shape depending on their emotional state. Some characters (like Ace) can weaponise this energy while others (like Sypin and Papyrus) feel their changes to increase their empathy, allowing to known the feelings of even the those that hide it.