Basics Edit

The Citadel is the capital of the elemental nations. It is seen as a city by outsiders but is actually closer to a kingdom with a large central city and small farming, fishing and mining towns. The population centres are ran by the Royal Guard with the wilds being handled by the Hunters. The royal family rule the kingdom and elemental nations from the fortress that give the land it's name. This castle frequently houses beings of a large nature, such as dragon and gods, so the building has very large rooms with high ceiling.

Culture Edit

The Citadel's true king is Sypin, though he runs the nation with his husband. Due to Sypin's life prior to becoming king the nation became more like England and certain things mimicked he and his daughter's previous life. This is why the nation has a Liverpudlian accent, because it was the city Fera was born in and is the accent she has. While some aspects of their culture is very British, others are distinctly demonic such as the way the kingdom is ran. Laws are a mixture of the 2 with the punishments often aligning more the demonic versions.

The Citadel's appearance Edit

The building itself is made of black white stones and has a shifting structure. Different parts of the building will appear and disappear along with the emotional state of the true king. The entrance hall is a large intimidating room with a raised platform on one end where the royal family sits. The walls are lined with white and black flames that balance the heat and light in the room.