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Wingdings Gaster is Sans and Papyrus's father and was Asgore's royal scientist a long time before Alphys was even born.

Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Wingdings is a tall and thin Gaster (a skeleton-like monster) with a lower jaw visually distinct to his skull, and holes in his hands which are a secondary set of eyes; he is often seen wearing glasses taped to his skull and a short lab coat/jacket.

At the start of the series, he lacks the cracks on his skull.

When being remembered by Ace, he is shown with a red X across his face, covering his eyes. (Similar to the Xs that appear in a soulless pacifist ending.)

Story Edit

Wingding created a device to create a hole to another reality to find a way to bypass the barrier, but he ended up dragging Ace into the world instead.

Over time WD started losing himself and his sanity, causing him to do more violent acts including destroying the lower half of Sans's face and glueing it back together into the distinctive smile simply for the sake of silence. The loss of his sanity results in his ability to judge passing onto Sans.

He 'dies' before Chara falls, Sans judged him unworthy of being remembered; talk of him in the underground is forbidden.

Trivia Edit

  • Like most interpretations of W. D. Gaster, his font is Wingdings 1. In the comic series, the font is faded into the background with 8 Bit Operator used for the translation. When other characters speak in the code (which is only ever either Ace or Sans) their font is used for the translation.
  • He records his thoughts as part of the WINGDING DIARIES, a mini-series within Akintale.
  • His art style has inverted colours with a static filter and the outlines have a rainbow effect. Eyes and souls keep their original colours.